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Drawing for Absolute Beginners

    day school



Most people would love to be able to draw! It is a myth that some people can draw and some people can’t. Everyone can be taught, and at any age.
Drawing is the key to most art practice: it develops your observation, your hand/eye co-ordination, your mark making, tonal and compositional skills! It is also extremely rewarding in its own right. As with any complex skill it takes years of practice to become an expert, but it is vital you set about it in the right way from the absolute beginning. This can set you on the path to success.
You will learn some basic techniques during the day using soft pencils, charcoal, and putty rubbers. Most importantly, however, you will learn how to see the world in a special way: the way the artist sees it.
There will be a mixture of group exercises and some individual tuition. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging!
Drawing equipment will all be provided. Just come along with a willingness to ‘have a go’.

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